Minion Masters – Cemetery Power Pack In-game DLC Giveaway


Giveaway Hosted by Alienware Arena.

Click Here to Get a Free Minion Masters Steam Key!

This Special In-game DLC Arena Turns Your Normal Minion Masters Arena Into a Cemetery AND With This Giveaway Code You Also Claim Three Power Tokens to Receive a Random New Minion, Spell, or Building!

Developed by BetaDwarf, This Title Features Steam Trading Cards and is Playable in Limited Single-player and Online Multi-player Modes. Minion Masters is a Battle Card Game With Real Time Visuals. You Choose Your Minions From Your Deck and Place Them Within the Field to Do Battle With Your Opponents. The First Person to Destroy the Opposing Base With Their Minions and Special Powers, Wins the Battle! Happy Gaming!

***Please Note: The Minion Masters Cemetery Power Pack is an In-Game DLC - To Use the Cemetery Power Pack Key You Must Reach Level 7 In-Game to Unlock the Puff Shop. Insert Your Code at the Bottom of the Screen in the Puff Shop to Redeem.***


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