Random Games (Steam level 1+ required)


Yay, it's Friday! And a new big giveaway was started! At this time we are giving away 10000 Random Steam keys. There are keys for 25 different cool games in this giveaway - sadly there is no space to list all of them.


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed in your browser to check tasks, Discord account and Steam account with level 1+.


Complete all steps to unlock your free Steam key.

Random Games (Steam level 1+ required) Discussion: 20

  1. Its deeply appreciated if someone can give me a Subnautica key, i have been waiting for two years for the game, and my parents won’t buy it for me as a birthday gift, i never got to experience the game, so yea if you can give me a Subnautica key, thank you very much its appreciated

  2. I found 11 game titles.. Just out of curiosity, whoever finds the other 14 game titles, please write them down! Thanks

    1) aMAZE Valentine
    2) Bitcoin Collector
    3) Castle Of Cthulhu
    4) Chocolate makes you happy: Valentine’s Day
    5) Fallingcers
    6) Hentai Chaos Run
    7) Jamping
    8) JuBOX
    9) The Puzzle Story
    10) Victory Race
    11) Voxel Warfare Online

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