ReX (Steam level 1+ required)


Restock! We have added 6400 more Steam keys of "ReX" to the giveaway on our website for users who didn't get it before! We hope you will grab a key today.


This giveaway requires an extension to be installed in your browser to check tasks, Instagram account, YouTube account, Discord account and a Steam account with level 1+. This is restock - you cannot get Steam key if you have already received this game.


Complete all steps to unlock your free Steam key.


ReX (Steam level 1+ required) Discussion: 7

  1. Can’t log on this way (thorugh Steam community). I can login to Steam on browser and app, but logging into this site through the Steam Community returns an error:

    “This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500”

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