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              1. They Usually Have a Few Mass Giveaways Per Week. We Posted a Bunch Awhile Ago For Endorlight, Robowars, Alien Shooter, and Blockstorm. If You Click the Green Button on the Right Where it Says “Show Only” “Keys Available” You Can Find Them.

  1. Instructions:

    1. Make sure your Steam Profile is Public!
    2. Click Here to Join the IndieGala Main Steam Group
    3. Make sure you log into (or register) your IndieGala Account and Connect your Steam Profile.
    4. Click “Claim Free Copy” and follow the next step to find your redemption key!

    The key gets sent within IndieGala website: Account Email (on Left) or Menu on Mobile< My Libraries< Bundles Library< IndieGala Giveaways.

    Enjoy! 🙂

          1. I got it. I did many times the Captcha and than I reloaded the Site and clicked on submit without captcha (it worked only this way if I cleared the captcha the submit button doesnt worked anymore)

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