Unknown Battle (Steam Level 3 Required)


Giveaway Hosted by Gifty Bundle.

Please Note - Steam Level 3+ is Required to Participate

Developed by Nikolai Patrakov, This Title is a Single-player Only Game and Adds +1 to Your Steam Library. This Game is an Indie FPS With an Intricate Story, You Must Have a Good Reaction Time to Dodge Lasers, Traps, and Kill Your Enemies. Do Not Forget About Your Main Objective: Get to the Menacing Stranger. Happy Gaming!

*Please Note: Gifty Bundle is on a Low Budget Resource Limit and Due to Heavy Traffic, You May Experience Errors. Please Be Patient With This Giveaway, Thank You!*

**Special Note - You Need to Be Steam Level 3 to Participate**

***Special Reminder - If you have "par" at the End of the Key. Simply Remove it Before Redeeming, Thank You!***


Discussion 27

    1. Members Were Getting This Message From Gifty Bundle: “Your account is too suspicious, please contact us if you wish to know more.” As Far as Anyone Can Tell, You Need to Be Steam Level 3+ in Order to Do Gifty Bundle Giveaways.

        1. That Means You are Already in the Group. Move to the Next Task. It is NOT a Private Group it is, in Fact, a Public Group, But Only Administrators Can Send Out Member Invites. 🙂

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