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Free Random Steam Keys Discussion: 32

    1. I gotten a valid key that I was able to use from their exchange page. Though, I did gotten a handful that wasn’t working or wasn’t even a key. I did gotten a working one for sure.

    2. The exchange system is community-based which means us users get to input the keys and there may be some people that input invalid keys (fake keys) but that doesn’t mean you should not use the service or even claim that it will get you an invalid key. That statement is false.

    3. I believe I gotten the DLC for Jannet (Character for Occult RERaise) from the key exchange which I didn’t had that one yet. So… you do have that slight percentage of getting a valid key. Even if it’s for a DLC. lol In the beginning of the exchange, I did gotten a game in which wasn’t on my list.

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