Free 16bit Trader!


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Game Info:

- Mostly Negative Steam Reviews

- Has Achievements

- Has Trading Cards


This giveaway requires a IndieGala account.


If you are having trouble with getting the key, HERE is a video how to get it!


Game Descripiton: Take revenge on your fatherโ€™s killer!


Free 16bit Trader! Discussion: 20

  1. There is aproblem in this game and kings crusaders 2 … the Idle Master cant Idle it on my steam and cant get steam traiding cards from those both games .. when i start run idle master he said to me . Ideling Complete .. any one have this problem .. please help ๐Ÿ™

      1. NO .. My Steam Level is 10 and my steam account is Full Activated .. I have got so many card drops from idle master .. but now the idle master cant idle to me those games . when i run idle master it say to me ideling complete. idk why ๐Ÿ™

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